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Compiled by Monica Huang
Here were all the Q&A’s I could see:

Zain Ahsan: What do you think the Texans score is gonna be Saturday vs. the Bengals?

Chandler Parsons: 28-7 Texans!!


Alec Mullins: How has working with @pdpatt (Patrick Patterson) been?

Chandler Parsons: @pdpatt It’s great: https://twitter.com/ChandlerParsons/status/287019435800289281/photo/1


Gemma Schweitzer: Thoughts on Duncan’s performance this season?

Chandler Parsons: He’s been great. One of the best ever.


Peyton Madigan: What is your favorite pump up song before a game?

Chandler Parsons: All gold everything!


Chase Thomas: Do you think Florida was overrated going into the Sugar Bowl?

Chandler Parsons:  nope.


ArwenEvenstar: Are you a fan of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy?

Chandler Parsons:  Not my thing.


Kelsey Nelson: What is your adorable dog’s name? lol

Chandler Parsons: BRO


Dakotah Karrer: What do you think about the fiesta bowl?

Chandler Parsons: Big upset. Every dog has his day.


Zain Ahsan: Who do you think is the MVP so far this season?

Chandler Parsons: Melo


Chris Robles: Who you got winning the Super Bowl?

Chandler Parsons: Texans!


Troy Do: Thoughts on playoffs? Contenders?

Chandler Parsons:  Yes, we’re getting better everyday.


Evie: If you weren’t a basketball player, what profession would you have chosen?

Chandler Parsons:  Acting 🙂


Chris Robles: What’s the most you have scored in a bball game ever in your life?

Chandler Parsons: 62


Eric Barton: How big is your penis? soft

Chandler Parsons: Pause


Harjot Parmar: Best road city?

Chandler Parsons: NYC


Zach Bolo: What’s higher, the number of drinks you had on New Year’s Eve or your jersey number?

Chandler Parsons:  Jersey number lol


@Wosnol: -cannot see this tweet due to this person’s privacy settings-

Chandler Parsons: Always excited and anxious, never nervous.


Mike Shafer: Sign my jersey in Philly next Saturday?

Chandler Parsons: Done.


Cody Locke: Is Jeremy Lin a gator fan?

Chandler Parsons: Yep


Shariq Gagai: Favorite arena to play in besides Toyota center?

Chandler Parsons: Staples Center


Mark Davenport: How much $ would it take for you to grow a beard like @JHarden13 (James Harden)???

Chandler Parsons: I tried, didn’t work out too well :/


Shariq Gagai: When did you first dunk?

Chandler Parsons: Sophomore year of high school.


Tzu Pei Chen: Would you come to #Taiwan with @JLin7 (Jeremy Lin) in the future??? All the fans here expect that lol https://twitter.com/runyappleya/status/287022048205737984/photo/1

Chandler Parsons: Coming this summer!


Alykhan: Which game this season in the most memorable so far?

Chandler Parsons: Bulls on Christmas Day.


Tzu Pei Chen: Which kinds of movie and song is ur favorite :)?

Chandler Parsons: All dif kinds


Allison Saenz: Why did you choose #25?

Chandler Parsons: Birthday


Emily: Idol growing up?

Chandler Parsons: Larry Bird


Link to Q&A: https://twitter.com/ChandlerParsons/status/287018566140694529